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Meet Chef Filippo, the Executive development director for Italian restaurants with Modern Food Company. Chef Filippo joined MFC in 2008 where he was the Executive Chef of the brand San Carlo Group which includes (San Carlo Cicchetti, Signor Sassi, Alto ,Fumo .) based in London and opened with them more than 25 restaurants world wide. Chef Filippo is now in charge of the appetizing dishes at 3 Italian restaurants in Saudi and recently Chef Filippo successfully launch the new Signor Sassi Riyadh. Since the age of 8, Filippo started experimenting with taste and flavor. Over time, Filippo developed excellent skills not only in food also in leadership. Filippo's great passion and love for food is felt in every dish he creates.

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The restaurant serves a refined and sophisticated all-day menu, featuring a diverse and authentic Italian cuisine, from seafood to pasta, meat and vegetarian dishes, created by talented and passionate team of Italian chefs. The bar are offers unique menu, ideal for guests looking for a casual and quick meal. An expertly curated cocktail menu featuring an impressive collection of fresh and flavourful beverages to complete the dining experience.
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